Wolf Spirit Flutes was born after Tony Richards made a magical visit to my home here in Montana, shortly after I started playing the flute. Tony is from Australia and was in the United States visiting flute makers and flute players. I am honored to say that he started me on my flute making journey. The name, Wolf Spirit Flutes is based primarily from my love for wolves. I have four wolf-dogs in my family; needless to say their spirit and incredible personalities are a huge inspiration for my flutes.

Wolf Spirit Flutes are a Plains style flute. I use a few basic power tools; table saw, planer and router, and the rest of each flute is made by my hands. I pour a great deal of love and warmth into each flute I make. I take my time, paying close attention to each stage of the flute making process. I do not believe in cutting corners, or rushing my flutes. Simply put, I put my whole heart and all my love into each flute I make.

Using specifications obtained from various formulas, software programs and other techniques, I make most of my flutes in the keys of middle E, F, F#, and G. Wolf Spirt Flutes are traditionally tuned, where I strive for the most beautiful sounding flute. I pay close attention to assuring that each note blends with and compliments the notes above and below it. I focus not only on a beautiful sounding flute, but for a beautiful looking flute as well. I use a variety of woods; walnut, butternut,redwood, bloodwood, rosewood, curly birch, maple, old growth coastal fir, and yellow pine.

In Warmth,

David R. Fields

To view a number of samples of my flutes, please click on the link below. Enjoy your time here at Wolf Spirt Flutes.

Samples of Wolf Spirt Flutes

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